Coire Ardair Virtual Field Trip

Site overview

Coire Ardair is a northeast-facing cirque located in the Western Grampian Highlands of Scotland.

It was last occupied by ice during the Loch Lomond (Younger Dryas) Stadial (12.9–11.7 ka BP).

In addition to its impressive cirque, this site is also notable for its well-developed recessional moraines.

A range of slope and river features are also visible.

Coire Ardair is a popular fieldwork destination for schools, colleges, and universities.

Imagery: April 2022

Coire Ardair VFT location

Coire Ardair VFT location

About the Coire Ardair virtual field trip

This is an immersive, self-guided virtual field trip.

In other words, it is based on 360° imagery and provided without interpretation. The latter means it can be used flexibly for a wide range of educational purposes, although educators need to develop learner activities (e.g., worksheets) to suit their own requirements.

The virtual field trip comprises 29 locations. It includes the walk from the car park, and the visitor hub (where there is a toilet).

Most sites have environmental audio, and some have short video clips (usually of rivers).

A map of all the stops is available within the virtual field trip.

Imagery acquired: April 2022

This resource was developed as part of the More Inclusive Fieldwork project, which explores how virtual fieldwork can be used to support (not replace) in-person field experiences.

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